Parent Association


There are no membership dues to be a member of the St. Michael School Parent Association (PA). Every school family is automatically a part of the PA. 

The Parent Association raises money each year to assist our school and students in many ways. Our fundraising dollars help to provide valuable learning enrichment programs for our children such as French and Music classes, field trips and more.

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Stuffies Sleepover at SMS!

We hosted almost 60 stuffies for the night! 

They were collected at the end of the school day and played games in the gym and the library, worked on art, watched a movie and had bedtime stories. A special thank you to Mrs. Fab and Rocco for spending the night in the library with the stuffies and making sure they made it back to their students in the morning!

We had so much fun hosting the stuffies and they were on their best behavior for the night.  

Please enjoy the video of all the Stuffie Sleepover fun!