Mission & Vision Statements/Core Values

Our Mission

St. Michael School, a Catholic school in Augusta, Maine, while partnering with parents, community and parish, provides opportunities for students to embrace a rigorous program of studies and practice, and to model strong faith through community outreach. We realize that by embracing a sense of mutual respect, compassion and understanding, we will instill in all students an enthusiasm for learning and a realization of their Christ-guided place in the world.

Our Vision

All of us at St. Michael School are here to insure that the young men and young ladies in the Augusta area who so choose, will be given the opportunity to more fully develop the morals and core values which are essential in living a Christian life.

St. Michael School values the truth and wisdom of the Golden Rule, and will seek to find aspiring students that wish to further develop their own personal relationship with God. This will be accomplished by embracing an aggressive and challenging program of academics, interwoven with spiritual, physical, and social development for every student that chooses to embrace and participate in our mission.

Core Values:

Inclusion, Courage, Confidence, Integrity, Honesty, Excellence, Faith, Loyalty, Respect, and Perseverance.