Grading System/Report Cards


Grades are issued quarterly and reflect the teacher’s evaluation of students’ contribution in class, their performance on tests and their preparation of outside assignments, including independent projects. The grades represent a record of their scholastic achievement.

The marking system for Kindergarten is:

S = Satisfactory

W = Working On

N = Needs Improvement

* = Most of the time

I = Has Shown Improvement

The marking system for Grades 1 & 2 is:

E = Exceeds Expectations

M = Meets Expectations

PM= Partially Meets Expectations

DNM = Does Not Meet Expectations


Report cards are distributed three (3) times during the school year so that parents are informed regarding their child’s success or failure to maintain grade level. We ask that you study your child’s report card carefully and note any particular weakness, so that you may guide him/her in improving in this particular subject.

If the report card indicates that a parent‐teacher conference is requested, please contact the teacher without delay.

Report card slips must be signed and returned within one week after reception, except at the end of the school year.