Middle School Science

Our Science curriculum is a well-developed study of Physical Science (6th grade), Life Science (7th grade) and Earth Science (8th grade), where focus is on hands-on activities, mini-labs and full labs with lab reports. Research projects are also a key part of our Science Curriculum such as the Endangered Species Project, Cell Project and the Element Project, as are journals and reflections as we examine the scientific world around us. We incorporate technology, engineering and math into our curriculum, supporting the STEM program. 

Physical Science

Students learn about Newton’s Laws of Motion, Matter (atoms, elements, compounds, and mixtures), forces (kinetic, potential, gravity, and friction), Chemistry, and the Scientific Method through a wide variety of labs and hands-on activities.

Life Science
Students learn about cells, bacteria, viruses, and the Kingdoms; along with the body systems and Health. Dissections are part of our curriculum but are not mandatory.
Earth Science
Students learn about astronomy, meteorology, geology and oceanography, and the changes in the Earth over time. We also cover environmental issues such as land, water and thermal pollution. 

Science Fair

All middle school students are required to participate in science fair. Science fair is an opportunity for students to explore topics that interest them and become the scientist. This program allows students to not only hone their scientific skills, but also life skills (time management, public speaking, and creating a project and seeing it through from beginning to end). This process has given our students an opportunity to discover their future passions and become a more informed citizen of science.