Middle School Math

6th Grade Math

The 6th grade math curriculum is a standards based math program. This year is used to assess where students' are in their mathematical learning and to fill-in any gaps that may have occurred in the younger grade levels, since we have students who are joining us from different math programs.

7th & 8th Grade Math

We have two levels of 7th grade math (pre-algebra and accelerated pre-algebra) and 8th grade math (Algebra and Accelerated Algebra)

The pre-Algebra program is set-up to prepare our students for algebra. There are two different levels in which the same pre-Algebra topics are covered, but where those students needing an extra challenge are able to cover material at a faster and slightly more rigorous pace.

Accelerated pre-Algebra covers algebraic equations, graphing, solving linear equations, and geometry. Accelerated Algebra is a high school Algebra program. It covers polynomials, polynomial operations, solving polynomial and quadratics equations, factoring and foiling, graphing quadratic and linear equations, and systems of equations. Word problems are also a key focus of this course. Students successfully completing the Accelerated Algebra program have the option of taking Geometry or Algebra II as freshmen.

* This class requires a recommendation and specific grade to enter and remain in the program. GPA, NWEA scores, algebra readiness scores are used to help determine eligibility.

Math Team

St. Michael School belongs to the Central Maine Middle School Math League. Students participate in 3 math meets a year on both A and B levels. Students meet once a week from September through March. During these team meetings concepts are reviewed and mock meets are held. Some students join because math is their passion, while others join in to brush up on their math skills.