Middle School History

6th Grade: Ancient World History
“We are not makers of history. We are made by history.”- Martin Luther King, Jr.

In Ancient World History, students explore and learn about the Ancient World. We hope to cover the following material over the course of the school year.
  • The Beginning of Human Society
  • Mesopotamia and The Fertile Crescent
  • Ancient Egypt and Nubia
  • Ancient India
  • Ancient China
  • Ancient Greece
  • Ancient Rome
7th Grade: World Geography
“Be curious, not judgmental”- Walt Whitman

In 7th grade world geography, we travel the world together exploring and learning about areas close to home and far away. We use the five themes of geography to develop understanding of how physical, political, economic and cultural conditions contribute to a locations uniqueness.

Areas we hope to cover:
  • Maine studies
  • The United States
  • Canada
  • Middle and South America
  • Europe
  • Russia
  • Africa
  • Southwest and Central Asia


Mr. Hickey officially retired from teaching full-time in June 2013. However, we are very fortunate to have him still teach on Wednesdays. He shares the following:

"In my one day a week I'm teaching the Presidents to grade 8. In grade 7 we are learning the continents and the countries on those continents. We also learn various geography factoids. Grade 6 is also working on the continents/countries along with some history/geography trivia."

Middle School students visit Fort Western