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Grade 5 Curriculum

Teacher 5- Mrs. Cynthia Shaw

The fifth grade curriculum is fashioned around the vital need for all children to READ! Children can't become better readers if they don't read! Every day the students in Grade 5 read independently chosen books silently. They will also be read aloud to each day. In 
Literature class, we read trade books that relate to our curriculum. 

We also write about our reading using the six traits writing curriculum. Our English skills are honed using our Daily Language Instruction which teaches grammar, and the conventions of language and spelling.

IMath we work on the four operations of math 
and how are they used in whole numbers, fractions, and decimals along with geometry and measurement. The children really need to know their multiplication tables!

Our Social Studies is American History, while our Science program has oceans, plants, the 
Fifth graders are the most eager students and our curriculum suits their excitement!bones and muscles of the human body, space , and sound as units of study.