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Grade 4 Curriculum

Teacher - Mrs. Deborah Vachon

The fourth grade curriculum at St. Michael School is developed to enable each student to be successful. Goals for each student are to academically do the very best they can, to develop organizational skills and be more responsible, to appreciate his or her own gifts and the gifts of others, to feel comfortable, confident, and accepted in our classroom, and to grow closer to God. Our curriculum covers the following academic areas: religion, reading, spelling, math, social studies, science, language, and art.

Each day in fourth grade starts with religion. We learn about our faith, as well as how to live our lives. Helping children develop a passion for reading is encouraged in fourth grade. Read aloud, DEAR time (Drop Everything and Read), and reading class novels are opportunities for children to experience and be exposed to many types of books. Self selecting books for independent reading is a skill that is developed throughout the year.

In math we cover place value, all four operations, including double digit multiplication and long division, word problems, fractions, decimals, and geometry. Multiplication facts must be mastered.

Our social studies curriculum covers the regions of the United States. We start our year with a unit on Maine. In science we explore natural resources, our environment, weather and climate, and measurement.

Our language curriculum involves writing using the six traits, as well as Daily Language Instruction which covers grammar, punctuation, and spelling. In spelling we have words each week which include commonly used words, words with common phonetic elements, words with prefixes and suffixes, as well as contractions, compound words and homophones.

Art includes exploring drawing, watercolors, colored pencils, markers, as well as seasonal crafts. Specials in fourth grade include gym, computer, music, library, and French.