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Grade 3 Curriculum

Teacher - Mrs. Jennifer McGuire

Third graders are full of questions and love to explore the world around them. We do classroom, group, and independent activities. Students are eager to ask why and look for the answers. It is a year of growth and change for many of them. We focus on more expectations of responsibility and structure.

Our faith is such an important part of our curriculum. In Religion, we continue our faith journey while looking at scripture stories and prayer. We review about our sacraments and how they bring us closer to God. We look at ways we can help other people around the world.

Communication is such an important thing to teach to children. We use many ways of learning to reinforce this skill through language, spelling, phonics, and reading. Each story we read focuses on a skill we use in reading. Our spelling words are carried through our themes in reading. Phonics focuses on our consonant and vowel sounds. It also looks at syllables and parts of words. We use Daily Language Instruction to practice our skills. We teach the 6 traits in our writing. Silent reading, classroom book reads, and reading buddies with Pre-k are other activities we do.

Third graders have a busy and educational year in Math. We continue to practice our addition and subtraction facts. We look at the place value of a number and the different types of graphs we use. The children love to learn about money and the value of it. Multiplication and Division are brand new and exciting topics that our students embrace in this grade.

In Science, third graders go out of this world when we blast off into our unit about space. We learn about our planets, the Sun, and other objects in space. We also learn about the living world around us and all about the different habitats that organisms live in. Our Earth and its many resources are introduced to our students. We also look at what is matter and the types of energy around us.

Communities is a main theme in Social Studies.   We look at what they are and where they are. Each community has an interesting history and people that live there. We look at our government and how it is divided.

Our curriculum is rounded out with Library, Computers, Physical Education, French and Music.